Fire Reignited

by Tiffany Ma

We are coming to the end of the work camp in Dalat. So much effort, laughter, and generosity has been poured into the school. Before boarding the plane in America, my expectations were very basic. My sister spoke highly of Sunflower Mission and her work camp experience. However, I still couldn't imagine what was to come. Every person and experience has enhanced my standard for Sunflower Mission. Without a doubt, I am coming back. The amount of planning behind the scenes and patience the leadership team has been remarkable. They were and are on top of everything. I knew no one on this trip, but that didn't stop anyone from becoming a friendly face and a helping hand. Loud, infectious laughter has infiltrated the many bus rides and group meals. The children at the school site have done nothing but make my heart smile, and want to relocate to Dalat! They stare out of curiosity then play with joy. Even though there is a language barrier for me, it didn't stop our play time or teaching each other how to say dog, rabbit, and eight in both languages with the help of hand signals. The kids remind me how much I love teaching and now I want to be back in the classroom setting. The massive impact this school will have on the students is beyond moving and imaginable. My employer has asked me four times if I was coming back to work. I just might say no. This trip has reignited a fire inside.

Cindy Au