Little Dan's Day at the Orphanage

by Dan Nguyen


Hello my name is (Little) Dan Nguyen. This is my first time in the Sunflower Mission and this is my blog for the day I went to the orphanage.

When we got to the orphanage , I was surprised that they were living in a temple, I saw how unfortunate I saw the whole orphanage, because they didn’t have air conditioning. As we interacted with them while they were eating lunch, I learned that most of these kids were picked up at dumpsters. I felt fortunate that I have parents to help me live and learn. We went upstairs to the nursery, I played with this girl and whenever I did she had a very happy smile on her face. Whenever I tried to play with another baby right next to her she kept tapping my back, so I had to play with both. Eventually we left and went to grab lunch, the lunch was amazing we ordered everything on the menu, 4 of each thing. After lunch I felt like I was gonna explode, later we went to a mall and ate snacks. After everyone was done with their shopping, we got on the bus and drove to the hotel. Even though we were still full from lunch, we went to lunch for a hot pot buffet. Finally, we drove back to the hotel and slept happily.

Cindy Au