Pushing Boundaries

by Kayla Tran


Today, I spent most of my time working on painting the SEEDS blocks. It was my first time painting anything, so I was very nervous. However, I had Hayley and Phoebe, among many others, to help and give me tips in order to make the artwork beautiful. The perfectly straight lines were difficult to achieve but with lots of tape and touch ups, we were able to get crisp lines. We still have some painting to do for that wall, but we ended getting a lot done. This was a fun new experience and I was happy to be able to try out painting. 

I was expecting to only be painting the background today, but when Chu Van asked me to do the wall art I thought I could give it a try. I was so scared that I would mess up, however I ended having so much fun. I hope tomorrow we are able to finish up all the painting for this room so that I can help other with their rooms as well. 

I’m barely starting to meet everyone and I’m so thankful for how welcoming everyone has been. When I first saw everyone, I was so anxious and quiet. Over the past two days, I’ve been able to open up more and meet so many more wonderful people. There are still some people I haven’t had a chance to really talk to, but I’m excited to form more friendships with everyone here.

I’m excited for the days to come and the many things I will experience and learn. It is only Day 2 and I have already met so many new people and learned so many different things. I can not imagine how different things will be by the end of the work camp.