Sebastian's Day of Fun

by Sebastian Nguyen

Today was a pretty fun day, even though I probably spent a third of the day investing in a weaponized Lego shark thing. When I woke up this morning, I was wondering what I was going to do today. When I got to the school site I was very stumped on what to do: paint, play with kids or aimlessly walk around.


I then saw Dan sweeping all of the dust and then decided that I was at least going to do something productive today. Soon after that I left that I got bored and left that post. I then started walking around and went to listen to Dan and his friends talk. I then went to go get some water and all of a sudden I heard Thay Thanh exclaim, " Go help Ethan in room 2". Of course I rushed to room 2 to help Ethan. In room 2 Ethan and I hung up thin black plastic material on the windows to prevent light from coming into the room and also to prevent smell from the spray paint from coming into the room. After that I went on to help my mom and Rex's mom to help paint on the letters also in room 2. The way we got the paint on the wall was pretty interesting because we had to use some foam sponges to dab the paint onto the wall over letter stencils. Once I was done with that the whole group ate nem nuong and dry bun "noodles" for lunch.


After lunch I went to play soccer with Don, Kobe and Kory. When they were done playing soccer they moved on to football and since I'm pretty small there wasn't much I could do so I gave up and went to go find Dan. Dan was talking to his friends again so I decided to join in. When I was there one of the kids from the village named Minh came to play. We played for a while then I went back to listening to Dan. Then I heard the word Lego so I went to see what was going on. It turned out they were going to make Lego things for the library. That's when I made the Lego shark thing. I barely finished when we had to clean up. One we cleaned up the legos I went back outside to help Dan and Ethan do some painting and touch ups on the exterior wall. That's when we had the bus ride back to the hotel. For dinner we had some rice, cabbage, lettuce and thit kho.