Sparks of Curiosity

By Julia Betts

I've had the pleasure, along with my National Instruments colleague Amanda, to join the work camp these past few days and what an amazing effort by all to create such a remarkable experience for these kids.

Yesterday dozens of local children flooded into the school area filled with excitement and anticipation for the day.


Amanda led one of the robotics workshops where she got in full gear, robot hat and all, to encourage the kids as they learned how to program a soccer kicker and goalie. 

I supported another workshop and even though I could not communicate with the kids in words it was evident through our smiles and high fives that they were really connecting to the experience and with all of us. 


As the day concluded, many kids didn't want to stop building and programming and some asked if we would come back tomorrow. Touched by the ask but saddened by the reality we could not was hard. But it was clear the experience lit a spark in the kids curiosity to learn and I know that spark will only grow because of all the wonderful efforts from people at this Sunflower Mission work camp. Thank you for letting us be a part of it all.