The Not-So-Ordinary Graduation Trip

Jacqueline Hoang prepares the school for upcoming workshops (Photo: Dan Q. Dao)

Jacqueline Hoang prepares the school for upcoming workshops (Photo: Dan Q. Dao)

My first trip to Vietnam was back in June of 2014 with my family. I had no idea what to expect coming to the country where my roots were, where my parents grew up, the great place that I had always heard about through stories and seen through pictures online.

After my first trip to Vietnam, I was amazed by the beautiful landscapes, busy streets, and the vibrant culture. Despite all the wonderful things I experienced during my first trip to Vietnam, getting a firsthand look at the daily struggles and poverty the people faced made me realize how small my own problems were. I decided that the next time I came back to Vietnam, I was going to do something to help the people and create a massive impact.

Two years later, I was introduced to Sunflower Mission as a way to help the Vietnamese people by building schools and introducing proper education. It seemed a perfect opportunity for me, having graduated high school and wanting to do something memorable before college rather than settling for just an ordinary graduation trip.

Two days into Work Camp and I couldn’t have been happier to be a participant in this year’s mission trip! I enjoy being hands on with building the school and seeing everything come together. Interacting with the local children who happen to pop in while we’re working has also been exciting.

Even though work camp has just begun, I am beyond excited to see what the rest of this trip will bring! I am happy to be in the process of accomplishing what I wanted to do in Vietnam coming back the second time!

Cindy Au