Great Weather

by Ethan Bui

The profound poet Eminem once said in a lyrical verse, ”Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy...” Unfortunately, no statement could’ve explained my feelings on the bus ride more accurately. Our first commute to the school was undoubtedly nerve wracking and nauseating, full of twists and turns, and seemingly cliff-hanging moments. Thankfully, I had my trusty bus buddy Paloma by my side to comfort me. If only everyone had a Paloma to make them feel better in times of great discomfort.

Fortunately, we reached the work camp safe and sound. A dream could not have foreseen better atmospheric conditions; very little humidity coupled with just the slightest cool breeze tickling our necks made the tasks at hand not seem like labor whatsoever. But if the weather was comparable to a scoop of refreshing ice cream, then the view was surely the sweet cherry on top. It was almost mind-boggling seeing all of the majestic mountains blanketed by cotton candy clouds. 

The cool weather and breath-taking surroundings were among the factors that fueled our hard work and efficiency. This is only my second work camp, but this second chance was undoubtedly more smooth than the first, with no disappointing missteps so far. I am confident that we can keep our rhythm going!

Looking forward to more days of great work ethics and, hopefully, great weather.