Ylan's Blog

by Ylan Dao


Hello! My name is Ylan Dao. This school year, I'm going to 7th grade at Pearland Junior High East. I am currently 12 years old. Today I cleaned class rooms, did paint touch ups, dusted window frames, and helped set up the library.

After that Natalia, Dan N., Rex, Sarah, and I played some card games. When we got some free time we went over to the "Mini Grand Canyon", and "Mini Australia" we dug in the school yard and played over there.We also placed rocks and bricks at the entrance of the tent and made a seesaw (it was not the best 😁). Before we left the SM camp we sang Happy Birthday to a helpful worker!

After everything we got on the bus and started heading to the hotel, along with the twists, bumps, and feeling like it's a roller coaster, talking about the new fun and exciting day tomorrow, telling funny but weird stories, telling Dan N. "GO TO SLEEP"😂,and doing some fun games in the bus, we finally reach the hotel!