The sunflower, resilient and bright, always grows towards the sun. It symbolizes strength, hope, and growth. Like sunflowers, we hope that with the proper educational nourishment, Vietnam and its students will also grow. Founded in 2002, Sunflower Mission is a U.S. based 501(c)3 non-profit organization with volunteers and participants all over the world.

Our Vision

We aspire for our students in Vietnam to become successful teachers, engineers, and professionals. Our volunteers learn the skill sets required of effective leaders, including compassion, gratitude, confidence, and global perspectives.

Our Purpose

Sunflower Mission is committed to improving the lives of the people in Vietnam, mainly through educational assistance programs. We bring school facilities, teaching and learning materials, and scholarships to teachers and students in Vietnam. In addition, we identify the Vietnamese-American youth leaders of tomorrow, providing them with opportunities for leadership development and nurturing compassion through experience.

Our Values

We are a non-governmental, non-religious, and non-political organization. We support students only on the basis of academic potential and financial need. We comply with U.S. and Vietnam laws and regulations. We treat people with respect. We are a non-profit organization; we are not a charity.

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"Sunflower Mission not only provides students in Vietnam an opportunity to get an education, but also makes Vietnamese Americans like me better leaders."

— Dalton Bui, age 21, Sunflower Mission volunteer