Since our inception 16 years ago, we’ve made big strides in providing education and educational resources in Vietnam with less than 1% in General & Administrative (G&A) expense.

Some highlights of our work include:

  • 167 Classrooms built

    • 18 Classrooms renovated

  • > $4,600,000 raised

  • > 235,000 elementary students educated

  • >18,900 K-12 Scholarships AWARDED

  • >1450 College Scholarships AWARDED

  • >500 College STUDENTS graduateD


How we do it

Scroll through to learn about our various education and social initiatives, and click the links to find more information about each one.



Every year Sunflower Mission works hard to implement our 4 scholarship programs. These programs include:

Each scholarship program is designed to assist students based on different parameters in order to reach as many students as possible.


School Building

Our most visible work is our school building program. We have built over 165 classrooms in cooperation with local communities who have also committed to partnering with us. Our interest is long-term, thus we have also implemented a maintenance program for our schools.


Work Camp

Every year an excited and varied group of individuals travel to Vietnam to participate in our work camp. The trip includes visiting school sites to complete construction; participating in school completion ceremonies; engaging with students; and cultural exchanges. We begin signing up volunteers 6-7 months prior to the work camp.



As Sunflower Mission grows we realize there are many factors involved with ensuring academic success in our students. We have deliberately expanded our programs to include the Health & Hygiene Education Initiative (HHEI) and the English Initiative (EI).