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Sunflower Mission currently supports four scholarship programs. In total we have awarded more than 20,413 scholarships to grade school and college/university students and 525 of our scholarship recipients have gone on to graduate from college with degrees in medicine, engineering, education and finance.

Below is our K-12 scholarship program:

Dao-Le Scholarship

This scholarship program is awarded to students in grades K-12 and has three award tiers based on a student’s current grade-level. Recipients must show significant financial need and are required to attend a school which Sunflower Mission has constructed. Started in 2005, there have been over 18,970 K-12 scholarships awarded, to-date.

Below are our college scholarship programs:

Sponsor a Student (SAS) Scholarship

SAS, launched in 2004,  serves to help connect donors directly with a college student in Vietnam. The goal with this academic reward is to help lift a generation out of poverty. The students’ fields of study may vary, and scholarship recipients are selected based on need. Recipients are also required to maintain a grade point average that exceeds a standard “passing grade.” The current cost to sponsor a student is $400 per academic school year. A typical sponsor will support the same student for four years. Priority is given to students who were recipients of our K-12 Scholarship. If you would like to sponsor a student email us!

Engineering and Technology Scholarship (E&T) 

A program for those college students, in Vietnam, studying in the STEM fields. Students are selected based on excellent technical competency in their chosen field and future civic leadership potential. The selection process includes an essay and face-to-face interviews conducted by a team of engineers.  This scholarship program was launched in 2005 and is our most prestigious. Rewards are $300 per year with the ultimate goal of changing the world through STEM.

Le So Memorial Scholarship of Excellence (LSMSE)

Our most recent addition, LSMSE, was born in 2017 and awards recipients $2,000 per year, which is equivalent to a full tuition scholarship at most VN based universities. Applicants must prove academic excellence, financial need, and great moral character. It is our most selective scholarship with only 5-10 individuals receiving this scholarship each year. Priority is given to students who major in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Business, Education, or Medical fields.  Read more about who this scholarship is dedicated to, here. The goal of LSMSE is to see 100 of our scholars serve as leaders for Vietnam.