Board of Directors

Sunflower Mission consists of a committed group of passionate individuals that volunteer a significant amount of time and effort to ensure that our operations run smoothly and our programs are implemented effectively. Learn more about our board of directors below.


Kim Oanh Nguyen, President

President Kim Oanh Nguyen is a property manager for her own real estate investment company. She graduated summa cum laude, receiving both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business marketing and finance from the University of Houston. She worked in the oil and gas industry before choosing to be a full-time parent to her 4 children. For the last 15 years her passion has been providing educational opportunities to underprivileged children in Vietnam through various charitable organizations. Sunflower Mission’s goals align with her belief that a good education is the foundation to improving one’s life and ending poverty.


Dinh Ngo, Director

Director Dinh Ngo holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. After working for a number of years in Information Technology, he is now part of a Commercial Trade Monitoring Compliance program at ConocoPhillips. He has been involved in the Vietnamese Culture and Science Association’s youth leadership program, Len Duong Camp, for over ten years. Mr. Ngo’s involvement with Sunflower Mission is about gratitude; he is thankful for the educational opportunity he has been given and wants to pay it forward.


Tuan Dao, Chairman

Chairman Tuan Dao is a senior manager responsible for executing major capital project portfolio for an international chemical company. Prior to this he held positions as senior executive consultant for a strategic management consulting firm in the Oil and Gas industry and senior manager overseeing capital development organization for petrochemical companies. He has served as Chairman of Sunflower Mission since its inception in 2002. He is a graduate from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Dao’s commitment to Sunflower Mission stems from his belief that education is the most effective means for children of Vietnam to improve their lives. This belief is supported by having witnessed many friends and acquaintances overcome childhood poverty and other obstacles to become highly successful people.


Thanh Bui, Director

Director Thanh Bui is a father and a life-long learner. He holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. Currently, he is part of the People & Organization department for a chemical processing company. He has been actively involved at a Vietnamese language and culture school since early 2000. Mr. Bui believes that the positive impact Sunflower Mission has on youngsters in Vietnam and the US is invaluable: it enables people to lift up their lives through education, it allows others to hone their leadership skills, and it bridges the cultural gap.


Hoa Ta, Treasurer

Treasurer Hoa Ta is an energy trader at Repsol. He is responsible for generating and implementing a West regional natural gas strategy that aligns with the overall physical business plan. Hoa holds a bachelor degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and has served as Treasurer of Sunflower Mission since 2008. Mr. Ta’s first trip back to Vietnam with Sunflower Mission in 2008 gave him the opportunity to witness the direct impact the organization has on the children of Vietnam. He has chosen to volunteer with the organization since.


Quyen Ma, Director

Director of Communications Quyen Ma is an Austin-based architect and graphic designer. She holds a Master of Architecture from Rice University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from the University of Texas at Austin. Having served Sunflower Mission in many capacities since 2008—including work camper, director, secretary, and graphic designer—Quyen is currently serving as our Director of Communications. In addition to Sunflower Mission, she supports other non-profit organizations that work with NICU families and individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Quyen is the proud mother of twins: one who brightens her life daily and one whom she holds dearly in her heart.