“Students expanding education by donating services”


We love engaging the next generation of passionate volunteers! Informally, Sunflower Mission (SM) has always encouraged and sought the help of our younger members. In 2008 a group of entrepreneurial-minded youth supporters wanted to make it official, and so that year, SEEDS was born.  

What is SEEDS you ask? It stands for “Students Expanding Education by Donating Services.” It is basically an off-shoot of Sunflower Mission, a way for students (college level and younger) to work together as a team and help support Sunflower Mission at our events. SEEDS also host and execute events on their own, independent of our board of directors, to benefit SM.

Our current SEEDS officers are:

Jacqueline Hoang, President

Dalton Bui, Vice President

SEEDS was founded in 2008 by: Dan Q. Dao, Nanhi Tran, and Vi-An Nguyen.

Past SEEDS officers include: Don Q. Dao, Nikky Phi, Oscar Truong, Britney Dau & Kody Ngo

Are you in college or younger? Join SEEDS today:

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