In addition to our Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and SEEDS youth group, Sunflower Mission relies on a dedicated group of volunteers to carry out important day-to-day operations.

  • Book Keeping Amina Tang

  • Bank Rep & Retrieval Services Hau Hoang

  • Tax Tram Mai

  • Dao-Le Scholarship (K-12) Duy-Loan Le (US), Sister Ngoc Hoa & Sister Xuan Hoa (VN)

  • Engineering & Technology Scholarship Duy-Loan Le (US), eSilicon Corp. (VN)

  • SAS Scholarship Khanh Pham & Vincent Tran (US), Trong Ba Le, Phung Tran & Khanh Tran (VN)

  • LSMSE Dr. Thai Nguyen (US), Zenda Nguyen & Quoc Nguyen (VN)

  • Hygiene & Health Education Initiative (HHEI) Dr. Hana Bui (US), Dr. Kim Thoa Ho (VN)

  • English Initiative (EI) Jacqueline Hoang & Dalton Bui (US), Zenda Nguyen & Quoc Nguyen (VN)

  • Investment Duy-Loan Le, Hoa Ta, Cuong Tran, Dr. Nam Hoang

  • School Building Coordinating Tuan N. Dao (US), Hoang Nguyen & Hanh Trinh (VN)

  • Work Camp Coordinating Kim Tuyen Tran (US), Huyen Nguyen (VN)

  • Work Camp Blog & Photography Dan Q. Dao & Don Q. Dao

  • Marketing, Design & Website Support  Quyen Ma (US), Trong Ba Le (VN)

  • Annual Report Design Quyen Ma (2016, 2018, 2019), Nguyen Pham (2017)